Tuesday @ West Hill, 5/17

We were surprised this week by an unexpected guest… while playing tree tag in the morning this week, we spotted a fawn hidden in the leaves! Afterward, our navigator for the day successfully led us to back base camp.

Once we arrived, we had a moment of silence, played “meet a tree”, and split into small groups to open craft stores, and we spent the rest of the day crafting. Our marketplace included quality products from Garlic Mustard Inc., Stony Shrew, Wild Flowers, 4-H Treasures, Honeysuckle Industries, and the Fine Shop.

Thursday @ 4-H Acres, 5/19

This Thursday, the sun warmed our bones at 4-H Acres! The weaver and potter guilds focused on finishing their crafts, creating fantastic pottery and willow baskets.

A third group ventured down to Fall Creek. After much creek wading and exploration, we found quite a few dead crayfish.

The group collectively decided the crayfish deserved a proper funeral. The crayfish were placed to rest on top of boats of natural materials. The homeschoolers said farewell as the boats floated away down the creek.