Ideas on how to incorporate theme: 

Since camp will not be at 4-H Acres during week 5, we thought this would be a good theme for this week! 

    • Talk about the different directions. Bring compasses to show your flock
    • When you find your basecamp, have your campers put a rock, stick, or other natural material in each direction. Your flock could add to this throughout the week, creating a compass-mandala!
    • Do some exploring and take note of where other camps are, if there’s a creek and other noteworthy landmarks. Have your campers try to make a map of the area 
    • On the last day of camp, your flock finds a map and has to be able to read it to find a special prize! 
    • Work together as a flock to identify landmarks that lead to your basecamp. You can create names for each of them and recite them every day on your way to camp. The landmarks could connect to each other to tell a story!

Direction Challenge 

      • On the first day of camp, ask your flock to close their eyes and point North, South, East and West 
      • Do this every day and see how they improve


    • Map Game 
      • An instructor makes a map of the area (best to use a space that campers are familiar with, like a basecamp) using natural materials 
      • Put a rock, or some other object that stands out (like a penny), on the map 
      • Campers have to go and find that spot in camp. There they should find a similar object to what they found on the map 
      • This activity works best in small groups or pairs


    • Song suggestions: 

      Wild One (link)
      Freedom Song (link)
      True North


    Some questions you could ask: 

  • How do you think migrating animals know which direction to travel in?