This week was a hot one! Campers headed down to the creek often and spent hours wading and searching for crayfish.

This was the first week of Growing Wild, our camp for 3 to 5-year-olds. They spent the week playing games, building shelters, and letting loose for the first time in months. (above right: Jed gets creative with the lost and found returns).

Luna’s fire, a camp aimed at young women was led by Danielle, Cindy, and Sierra. They spent the week deep in the forest team-building and connecting with nature. On Wednesday, a turn of events occurred after trekking through a patch of mud on the way to Raccoon Motel camp. The girls decided to camouflage themselves in mud from head to toe, including hair and clothes. They snuck past other campsites on their way to the creek where they felt the relief of caked mud washing away.

Coyote Camp was a week of building leadership skills and learning for this summer’s group of counselors-in-training. Sean and Danielle led a group of determined CIT’s all throughout the 4-H acres property, where they learned directional skills, building tarp shelters, fire-making, games, songs, teamwork and everything there is to know about being a CIT. They begin using their skills right away when they join camp groups starting next week.

Camp numbers remained at about half capacity so that the new check in, check out and other COVID-19 procedures could be worked out smoothly. We hope the number of campers permitted to join us will increase in the coming weeks.

See you soon.